Term Dates & Course Schedules

Course Schedules & Term Dates

Schedule of Courses


Term Term DateS Registration* Add Ends (at Noon)** Drop Ends (at 11:59pm)**
Fall I ’20 Aug 10 – Oct 4 Jun 1 – Aug 9 Aug 12 Aug 17
Fall II ’20 Oct 12 – Dec 6 Jun 1 – Oct 11 Oct 14 Oct 19
Spring I ’21 Jan 4 – Feb 28 Oct 21 – Jan 3 Jan 6 Jan 11
Spring II ’21 Mar 8 – May 2 Oct 21 – Mar 7 Mar 10 Mar 15
Summer ’21 May 17 – Jul 11 Mar 22 – May 16 May 19 May 24
Fall I ’21 Aug 9 – Oct 3 Jun 1 – Aug 8 Aug 11 Aug 16
Fall II ’21 Oct 11 – Dec 5 Jun 1 – Oct 10 Oct 13 Oct 18

* These dates are for 100% Campbell University Online students. Registration dates vary by student’s home campus location. Please check with your home location for your registration dates.
** All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Main Campus Students: Registration begins on July 14, 2021 (Fall I & II) and on November 24, 2021 (Spring I & II) and on April 21, 2021 (Summer).

Note: For the most up-to-date schedule (open/closed/canceled/added), Campbell University Online publishes a list of online courses available by term in WebAccess. Login to WebAccess, select Internet as the Location and then select the applicable term.

Campbell University Online Students:

  • New 100% Online Students:
  • Continuing 100% Online Students:
    • Students who have already completed their first semester can register themselves via WebAccess. (Link is found in the banner of any Campbell University web page by clicking LOGIN.)
    • Students who have already completed their first semester can register through their Adviser.
    • All students can register for courses by completing the Enrollment Form (Register/Add/Drop/Withdraw)

Main Campus Students:

  • All students wishing to drop a course must adhere to the dates provided above for the add/drop period.
  • Students who remain in the course past the drop period will be financially responsible for the course and will be issued a grade.
  • To add/drop an online course, complete the digital Enrollment Form (Register/Add/Drop/Withdraw)
  • To withdraw from an online course (removal from the course beyond the drop date) complete the Enrollment Form (Register/Add/Drop/Withdraw) to initiate the request. Withdrawal from an online course requires an explanation for the request.

To withdraw from Campbell University Online, complete the Enrollment Form (Register/Add/Drop/Withdraw) to initiate the request.

Supporting documentation may be required for medical and/or military related withdrawal.

For additional information, contact the Campbell University Online Coordinator:

(Questions, Schedule, Textbooks, Financial Aid, Payment)

For questions about your course including assignments, materials, lectures, etc. contact your instructor for the course. For email, system access, online tutoring request, disabilities services, visit our Student Resources.

To print a copy of your schedule or verify that your adviser and the department chair have added their appropriate codes to your schedule, log into WebAccess. Select Student. Under Academic Profile select View Class Schedule and Buy Textbooks. This will also allow you to view the required textbooks for your courses.

To check the status of your financial aid, log into WebAccess. Select Student. Under Financial Aid select one of the Financial Aid options by year, term, or to view your letter.

To make a payment, log into WebAccess. Select Student. Under Financial Information select CASHnet Sign-In.